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Here you’ll find some of current sweepstakes and contest resources, where you can take a shot at winning prizes ranging from merchandise to gift certificates to cash.  Please bear with us, as these contests come and go fast sometimes.  
A word to of caution --- not all contests and sweepstakes offerings are all they appear sometimes especially when they KEEP requiring more and more information from you.  Especially be careful of AGREEING to purchase anything, even as a trial.  You may regret having signed up for what was presented as a FREE.  If a contest is shown in RED, be made aware that there are hooks you want to watch out for.  I include the full set, as who am I to say that one of you may not qualify as a winner of something offered.  Keep in mind that contests/sweepstakes come and go sometimes faster than we can keep up with.
We are careful about what we put in this section, and believe all here are good choices to try.
We will add others in the future, as we find reputable ones.  - At, where you can win awesome cash prizes just by filling out our short form below. The total cash prize is determined by the number of entries, so the more people you tell about the site, and the more people that enter the contest, the more money you can win!
Attend a Live Taping of a TV Show: - If you want to attend a live taping of a TV show like "Jeopardy" or "Wheel of Fortune, this site is offering free reserved TV tickets. You can make your reservations online and then order and print your free tickets. Live television show tapings are a great way to top-off anyone's Hollywood or New York experience. There's nothing like the excitement of being on set with Hollywood TV stars.

Win $1000 Worth of Promotional Products: - Want to win $1000 worth of promotional products? Simply fill out the below form completely and you will be entered in our monthly drawing.  Access the "$1,000 Drawing" link and complete the form to take a shot at winning $1,000 worth of promotional products in a monthly drawing from, a company that sells business promo items.
– My Coke Reward Sweepstakes.

Online Contest Index: - The mother of contest links.  Go to the Online Contest Index - Serving the Internet since 1998, OCI keeps you up to date with the latest online sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways.
Poland Spring: - Win a vacation or a Wii.

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