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Build Your Own Doll House: - Build your own doll house all FREE dollhouse plans and instructions.  This site offers free, detailed plans about how to build a dollhouse. The site includes lots of photos and step-by-step instructions.

Craftspeople Sharing: - The CraftWEB Project online community creates the opportunity for professional craftspeople, craft organizations and people interested in crafts to meet, share information and promote fine crafts worldwide. CraftWEB seeks to maintain the highest possible standards of workmanship. They welcome aspiring and experienced craft artisans to their site.

Find Some of the Best Craft Sites:  - Browse the Craft Links to find some of the Best Craft Sites on the internet! New sites are displayed at the top, and the oldest site links on the list are dropped. Check back often - new links added daily! Add your craft related website to the list! Click through to 100 Craft Links.  Many of these sell, but there is a huge set of links that provide free craft patterns.
Share Your Crafts Free:- Share your crafts with the world for free on this frequently updated page.  To list your crafts for sale, you must register. (It's free) After you register, log into the Marketplace forum only, to post your crafts.

Hobbies and Crafts for Kids: - List of hobbies and crafts for kids.  HOBBY LOBBY - FUN with INTERESTING HOBBIES AND CRAFT FOR CHILDREN.  

Cross Stitch Resources:  - cross stitch resources, free cross stitch patterns and more.... Many, many patterns FREE for the asking.


Woodworking: - Daily Shop Tips; Free Woodworking videos; Woodworking plans; Tool Advice, and much, much more for the person who likes working with wood.  Sign up for their FREE newsletter at

Restorers Products:  

- GUIDES, TIPS and HOW TO CATEGORIES for Van Dyke's Restorers products.
Knitting Principles: - A brief guide to knitting principles.  Has links to other resources.
Easy Sweaters You Can Knit:  - Easy Sweaters You Can Knit.  Adults and kids alike will enjoy these sweaters. Complete instructions accompany each project.
Easy Scarves You Can Knit: - Easy Scarves You Can Knit.  Wrap up a lucky gift recipient -- or yourself! -- in one of these easy-to-craft knitted scarves.
Basics of Quilting: - The basics of quilting -- from cutting to finishing, creative design ideas, and quilting tips.
Basics of Sewing: - Learn the basics of sewing and have a blast with some adorable sewing projects they provide.
Valuable Scrapbooking Tips:- Record your family's most precious memories -- including summers, holidays, and graduations -- with these valuable scrapbooking tips.

Free Scrapbook Supplies and  Scrapbooking Clipart: - The home of free scrapbook supplies and  scrapbooking clipart. Just print everything you need to make great acid free scrapbook paper, right from this website. They are the only site with over 3000 pages of really free print your own scrapbook supplies. They offer scrapbooking ideas, scrapbooking tips, and  they were the very first site on the Internet to offer printable scrapbooking supplies. See their scrapbook layouts using our printable designs for scrapbook ideas.

Free Stuff for Scrapbooking: - Free stuff for scrapbooking is just what it sounds like. Everything from printable page ideas to laser cuts can be found for free on the Internet.

Scrapbookflair: - They sell stuff, but have lots of free downloads:.
 Digital Scrapbooking Software
 Designer Collections
 Embellishments
 Backgrounds
 Templates
 ...and many more

Free Digital Scrapbooking: - Free Digital provides you with great information and products to help you merge your passion for scrapbooking with the ease and convenience of digital scrapbooking by providing tons of great digital freebies.  Are you just getting started in digital scrapbooking? Check out their Digital Scrapbooking 101 page to learn more! Also, take a look at this great article to help you take your digital photography to the next level.

Better Homes and Gardens Resources: - Better Homes and Gardens provides  many many other Crafts information.  This is a real winner.  Search their site for crafts of your interest.  They have advice for many, including:
Fiber Crafts: Art quilts - Lace-making - Macramé - Quilt - Spinning - Tatting - Traditional rug hooking - Weaving - Knitting
Flower Crafts: Ikebana - Bouquet - Floral Design
Leatherwork: Leather carving - Leather painting - Leather stamping
Mixed Media: Beading - Basketry - Batik - Scrapbooking - Sparkleballery
Needlework: Applique - Crewel embroidery - Crochet - Cross-stitch - Embroidery, including Ribbon Embroidery - Knitting - Needlepoint - Patchwork - Quilting
Paper crafts: Decoupage -Origami -Papercraft - Paper marbling - Papier-mâché - Quilling Iris Folding Parchment Craft
Wood Crafts: Marquetry - Wood burning - Wood carving - Woodworking
Stone crafts: Mosaics and inlaying - Stone carving - Stonemasonry - Flintknapping - and letter-carving on stone.
Metal crafts: Armour - Blacksmith - Clocks - Jewellery - Pewter - Casting
List of Hobbies: - The easiest way to find a new hobby is to check out a thorough list of hobbies. If the list is long enough you’re bound to find something that looks interesting. They promise this is going to be the largest list of hobbies you’ve ever seen. I’d like to call it the worlds largest list, but I really have no way of proving it. If you find a hobby list longer than ours please let us know.  They have 238 hobbies listed. At our last look.  Some are actually crafts, but what the heck.

Elaborate List of Hobbies: - According to the dictionary a hobby is any interest or activity, which is pursued beyond one's regular occupation. These interests and hobbies are pursued mainly for pleasure and are considered as stress busters.   Given here is an elaborate list of hobbies, placed into various categories.
Newsletters and Updates About Coin Collecting and Selling: - This is an online coin auction house, but if you sign up with them you’ll get interesting newsletters and updates about coin collecting and selling.  They auction services in many other areas also.  Worth the look at least.  But if you’re a serious collector, this is one of the best..

Coin Collector:  - Coin collecting new, commentary, and information.  Coin collecting news, articles and photos. Tips on collecting coins with a United States coin gallery with gold and silver US coins.  This site was created by Dan Hersam to provide coin collecting news and information to collectors of all experience levels. It also serves as a forum for discussion so collectors can chat about what's going in the coin collecting world. There is a complete US Coin gallery with information about US coins including the designer, metal composition, mintmark location, dates minted, edge type, circumference, weight and more.

Crafts and Hobbies