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Free-for-the-asking is an independent organization published January 2012.  We are a small organization and enjoy what we do — searching the Internet and other places for honest offers from providers. We hope and expect that you will enjoy going to the sites we have included for your consideration.

It's our ongoing mission to round up the all the latest and greatest freebies and quality-of-life information sources in one convenient spot and to list all the top free products, services and offers available on the Web.

If you don’t get value and savings, we’d be mighty surprised.

Your savings will come in many ways; for example, Free Items, Free Service, Saving time, Making impressions, Knowledge, Useful Information about Quality of Life factors.

The sites we suggest you to visit have proven themselves as safe and not scamming, but always BEWARE of any site and especially emails after contacting them where they give FREE offers with required shipping fees. They’ll often try to trap you into something you won’t want at a later date.  Best defence, DON’T ACCEPT THESE GIMMICKED offers.

We’ve screened the sites we suggest as fully real in their intents and offer something FREE .  We will give CAUTIONS where we believe these may be needed.

Our principles are simple and straight forward:

1. It must be fully free before we’ll state it as such

2. Some things are free but have an imbedded cost, but are still well worth looking into.  We’ll suggest these also, since they have value, but we will make note when there may be a cost.  Then you can decide.

3. Savings come in many forms other than FREE.  We’ll show these also.

4. None of us likes to be fooled.  We’ll warn you of scams and other hitches that some “free” providers build into their messages.

5. We want your help so we can offer more to more people from our site.  If you find a dead or out-of-date link (or a link that has now begun charging a fee for postage, etc.), please let us know. Please send us Email if you're aware of any free product samples that we haven't listed that you think should be shared with others.

6. In the future, after we add a feature, you may sign up for FREE updates from us as we learn of new savings opportunities.  In the meantime, come back and review what we have gathered fro you.

The more you use these links — the more you save.

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