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National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators: - Start your free search for money that might be due you.  Go directly to a government unclaimed property program by clicking on a state, territory, or province from the map or drop box below. You should search in every state where you have lived.  According to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA), one out of eight people in the U.S. have unclaimed assets ... with average claims of $1,000!
- The Bureau of Public Debt, part of the U.S. Treasury Dept., says more than $16.6 billion worth of unredeemed U.S. savings bonds have matured and are no longer earning interest. The bureau has established a Web site,, for people to search for a missing bond by the original owner's Social Security number.
Did you know?
 Each year, over 15,000 savings bonds and 25,000 payments are returned to the Department of the Treasury as undeliverable.
 In addition, billions of dollars in savings bonds have stopped earning interest, but haven’t been cashed.
 Treasury Hunt tells you about savings bonds no longer earning interest. If you still have these savings bonds, cash or reinvest them so your money can start working for you again.
Do you…
 or a deceased loved one own a savings bond, or registered Treasury note or bond that has matured and is no longer earning interest? URL:
 own a savings bond that you haven’t received in the mail?
 have HH/H interest that you haven't received?
 have Legacy Treasury Direct payments that you haven’t received?
Free Scholarship Funding Sources:  - Find free scholarship funding sources.  Realize your dream of an education by searching for college scholarships! With the price of college soaring to new levels, FastWeb has the most comprehensive awards database available to students, parents, and educators. With 1.5 million college scholarships and grants worth more than $3.4 billion, FastWeb allows you to spend more time pursuing your educational goals and less time worrying about rising tuition costs. FastWeb has exclusive tools for students to search for college scholarships by their interests. Our unique matching feature lets students search for college scholarships that match their educational goals and activities after they fill out a personal profile. Our easy-to-follow form asks for their educational background, school activities, and what they plan on studying in college. Students have the power to search, find, and apply for college scholarships all on one website!
Free Rewards Program: - ThankYou® Network is a free rewards program where you get points just for doing what you already do. Whether it's using your participating credit card or checking account and other everyday banking.  You earn points for every dollar you spend with participating credit cards and retailers, such as Citibank, Expedia and more. You then use those points to buy things on the Thank You Network.
Housing Grants: - There are billions of dollars in housing grants offered including those aimed at helping first-time homebuyers, low-income renters and those with poor credit. Home renovations are also often subsidized by housing grants. Currently, there are grants to cover replacement costs for heating and cooling repairs in your home. There are other grants available for weatherization and even energy-related home repairs.  Find out more at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development web site at  While HUD does not directly offer grants to individuals, it works with local governments and other organizations to assist individuals in finding grants and other assistance.
Federal Government Grants: - is your source to FIND and APPLY for federal government grants. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is proud to be the managing partner for, an initiative that is having an unparalleled impact on the grant community. Learn more about and determine if you are eligible for grant opportunities offered on this site.  In 2008, more than $100 million in grant money went to small businesses. You may qualify for a business grant simply if you want to locate your business in a small town.  Your may qualify if you want to start a business in an area that needs an economic push.  You may qualify if your business employs the disabled.  The list goes on and on.Search for any "hidden" -- AND FREE -- funds that could be available to you right now!
GovBenefitts: - is the official benefits website of the U.S. government, with information on over 1,000 benefit and assistance programs.  If you're the head of a family in need, then a personal grant may be for you. So far in 2009, more than $160 million in federal grant money has provided temporary assistance to struggling families. Funds can help with childcare expenses and even utility bills and groceries. Personal grants are generally awarded through your local, state or federal government branches, but can sometimes be found through private organizations.
Pay for Healthcare: - The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is the United States government's principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing essential human services, especially for those who are least able to help themselves.  If you're struggling to pay for healthcare due to a lack of sufficient health insurance, you may qualify for a health grant to cover your medical costs. A health or medical grant can help cover a myriad of expenses -- from hearing aids and eye glasses to dental work and even prosthetics. Grant amounts can run from $5,000 to $500,000. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) manages over 300 grant programs. These programs cover medical costs, transportation, at-home services and even Medicare and Medicaid costs for the elderly and needy.  
Money Guide For Your MILITARY Family: - A MONEY GUIDE FOR YOUR MILITARY FAMILY.  From saving to home buying, unique programs meet the unique needs of service members.  Download their PDF guide.

Annuities Guide: -  MetLife’s “Income Annuities Guide”; learn how an annuity can stretch a retirement nest egg.

401k plans:  - BrightScope quantitatively rates 401k plans and gives plan sponsors, advisors, and participants tools to make their plans better.  Get a single number score that reveals the quality of your plan. Find out which companies offer great 401k plans. Learn what you can do to improve your plan.

Treasury Bills, Notes, Bonds: – What you can do:
 Learn about Treasury Bills, Notes, Bonds, and TIPS
 Learn how to purchase Treasury securities
 Get in depth information on EE/E Savings Bonds
 Get in depth information on I Savings Bonds
Find information about buying savings bonds as gifts
 Find out whether your Treasury securities are still earning interest
 Check Treasury Hunt to see if you own matured savings bonds
How do you know you can trust your broker?  One way is to check on them regarding disciplinary and background information that is publicly available from organizations below.  Checking these may save you money, time, and trouble.
Knowledge is power and leads to money and savings.
Learn About Investing: – Learn about investing and how to build your financial knowledge. They offer articles, interactive tools, alerts and other resources that help you protect yourself.

North American Securities Administrators Association: – Organized in 1919, the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) is the oldest international organization devoted to investor protection. NASAA is a voluntary association whose membership consists of 67 state, provincial, and territorial securities administrators in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, and Mexico.  In the United States, NASAA is the voice of state securities agencies responsible for efficient capital formation and grass-roots investor protection. Their fundamental mission is protecting consumers who purchase securities or investment advice, and their jurisdiction extends to a wide variety of issuers and intermediaries who offer and sell securities to the public. NASAA members license firms and their agents, investigate violations of state and provincial law, file enforcement actions when appropriate, and educate the public about investment fraud.
Securities Investor Protection Corporation: - The Securities Investor Protection Corporation either acts as trustee or works with an independent court-appointed trustee in a missing asset case to recover funds. The statute that created SIPC provides that customers of a failed brokerage firm receive all non-negotiable securities that are already registered in their names or in the process of being registered. All other so-called "street name" securities are distributed on a pro rata basis. At the same time, funds from the SIPC reserve are available to satisfy the remaining claims of each customer up to a maximum of $500,000. This figure includes a maximum of $100,000 on claims for cash. Recovered funds are used to pay investors whose claims exceed SIPC's protection limit of $500,000. SIPC often draws down its reserve to aid investors.
FDIC insurance coverage: - EDIE the Estimator can calculate your FDIC insurance coverage for each FDIC-insured bank where you have deposit accounts. EDIE lets you know in a printable report for each bank whether your deposits are within or exceed coverage limits.
AAII:  - AAII is a nonprofit organization that arms individual investors with the education and tools they need to build wealth. From stock investing to financial planning and retirement funding, AAII covers all your needs.
J.D. Power: - Established in 1968, J.D. Power and Associates is a global marketing information firm that conducts independent and unbiased surveys of customer satisfaction, product quality and buyer behavior. Today, the firm's services include industry-wide syndicated studies; proprietary (commissioned) tracking studies; media studies; forecasting; and training services, as well as business operations analyses, and consultancies on customer satisfaction trends. On April 1, 2005, J.D. Power and Associates became a business unit of the McGraw-Hill Companies.

Investing and Personal Finance Forum:  – This is an investing and personal finance forum. They also maintain a subforum where our members may discuss non-controversial topics of general interest including consumer issues, travel and leisure. No other topics are acceptable on this forum. Examples of unacceptable topics include: economic, political, tax, health care and climate policies (including proposed legislation). Please see the forum policies if you have any questions. Lots of good advice on investing and money; free books also.
Morningstar:  - The Morningstar Asset Allocation Index family includes two index series designed to benchmark target-date and target-risk investment products. The Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Index series consists of 13 indexes available in three risk profiles: aggressive, moderate, and conservative. The five indexes in the Morningstar Target Risk Index series represent equity market risk levels ranging from aggressive to conservative.   All of the indexes are built on asset allocation methodologies developed by Ibbotson Associates, a leader in asset allocation research and a Morningstar company since 2006. The Asset Allocation Indexes provide pure asset-class exposure to global equities, global fixed-income, commodities, and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) by using existing Morningstar indexes as allocation building blocks.
Vanguard Investments: -Investing on your own may be easier than you think with our Plain Talk® investor education and online planning tools.
Create your investment plan » Develop an investment mix that's suitable for your financial goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. Use Investor Questionnaire to get started.
Retirement planning » Develop strategies for building retirement assets. Learn about IRAs, RMDs, asset allocation, Social Security, and other retirement planning essentials.
College planning » Take advantage of our helpful tools and practical planning information to find which college savings option, such as a 529 plan, works best for you.
Estate planning » Discover the fundamentals of estate tax planning, and how a flexible plan can provide for your family’s security.
Tax center » Use tax center to find out when your tax forms will be available, and get discounts on TurboTax® OnlineSM. You can also check fund distributions and U.S. government obligations for your Vanguard investments.
Investment Risk Tolerance Quiz: - Investment Risk Tolerance Quiz: Want to improve your personal finances? Start by taking this quiz to get an idea of your risk tolerance--one of the fundamental issues to consider when planning your investment strategy, either alone or in consultation with a professional. Choose the response that best describes you--there are no "right" or "wrong" answers. Just have fun!  When you're done, click on the "View Results" button to see how you're doing.

How Much Insurance Do You Need?: - Find out how to get the best insurance rates and how much insurance you need for your home, health, auto and life.
Reduce Your Insurance Costs: – Reduce Your Insurance Costs Right Now. Compare Insurance Quotes from Top Providers. Save up to hundreds of dollars per year by letting insurance companies compete for your business. Just fill out one simple form and you’ll receive multiple insurance quotes from the leading carriers in your state. Just sit back, relax, and let great rates find you!

Information on Insurance: - For information on insurance companies and agents, rates and comparisons, buying tips, claims information and much more visit your state insurance department's Website.
When paying online you are sometimes asked for a code that will get you a discount; here’s where to find them.  There may be a fee to subscribe, but the benefits of the discount prices will  more than worth the entry price for most.

RetailME: - With its focus on local and international retail trade, RetailME provides editorial coverage on all aspects of the supply chain from manufacturer to consumer as well as customer relations, merchandising, design, category management, information technology, FMCG, property and consumer trends.  Together with our network of correspondents, industry experts and our exclusive relationship with Europe's most influential title - Retail Week - They offer a unique window into the retail industry.  If your business is retail,then RetailME is a must read.  

Overstock: - Hundreds of well-known online stores like Barnes and Noble, Staples, and have a place within their shopping cart for a "coupon code" that gives a percent or dollar amount off your purchase. If you don't know the code, you can't take advantage of the discount. You can find these secret discount codes and coupon codes listed on many sites across the internet but the problem with these sites is that they're usually personal homepages and they don't maintain their lists! has a full-time staff of trained individuals whose only job is to find new coupon codes and discount codes and verify the accuracy of the existing database. They don't flood you with ads and They don't throw deals in your face. No hype, just current codes.
Keycodes: - Recognized as the leading website for retail discount information, is here to help you find the best retail discounts no matter what you are planning to buy. Keycodes are authentic, high-quality discount codes authorized by retail marketing executives and tested for accuracy before being published. Whether you bookmark our site or use the search engines to find the Keycodes you need, make it your resolution to search for and use more Keycodes this year.
Cash for Gold: - Getting CASH for your broken and unwanted gold has never been easier!  They are ligit, but you’ll probably do better at your local jeweler.
You buy and it pays you back when you sue participating retailers.

FatWallet: - They partner with your favorite merchants to create Cash Back stores. When you sign into your FatWallet account, They track what you earn through our Cash Back stores.  Sign into FatWallet and check out the Cash Back Stores – They have all your favorites. Click on a special offer or coupon deal to shop the merchant's site. When you see the FatWallet Cash Back pop-up, you know you're on track. Your online purchases earn Cash Back rebates that build in your FatWallet account. The more you buy, the more you earn. Sending flowers, need a new PC, planning a vacation? Go ahead! You're earning cold, hard Cash Back!

FREE Credit Reports:  - Get Your FREE FICO® Score and  Credit Report
2 Free Equifax FICO® scores and credit reports
 90% of the largest U.S. banks use FICO® scores
 Email alerts when your FICO® score changes

Free Credit File Disclosure: - This central site allows you to request a free credit file disclosure, commonly called a credit report, once every 12 months from each of the nationwide consumer credit reporting companies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.
Real Estate Selling Price Information
Realtor: - Find out what your home is worth and what homes around you have sold for recently.

Zillow: - Lots of fun information about your home and homes of others, including celebrities.


Financial Calculators: - Financial calculators from WalletPop; for example:
auto calculators:  - Buying an automobile is financially draining, stressful, and important. What type of auto loan is best? Should you buy a used or new automobile? Use the following 11 auto calculators to help you make an informed financial decision.  
bond yield-to-maturity calculators:  - Before you invest in bonds, or even if you're already well-invested, the following bond calculators are a valuable resource. Whether you're looking for yield-to-maturity calculators or taxation prognoses, the bond calculators can help.  
budgeting calculators:  - Budgeting for your finances is one of the smartest money moves you can make. The following budgeting calculators can help you get on track with your finances. Whether you're trying to balance debt or gauge the cost of raising a child, use the budgeting calculators.
credit cards calculators:  - Credit cards can be a great asset, but if you're not careful they can also generate financial problems. The AOL Money and Finance Credit Cards Calculators can help strike that balance. Flight cards vs. low-rate cards, credit card consolidations, and interest rate issues... create a clearer financial picture with our credit cards calculators.  
college planning calculators:  - One of the biggest hurdles a parent faces these days is the rising cost of college tuition. The following college planning calculators can help take the guesswork out of college planning. Use the college planning calculators to find out how much you'll need to save, how to invest your savings, how to budget for college living expenses, and more.  
credit calculators: - Whether trying to reduce or consolidate debt, the AOL Money and Finance Credit Calculators and Debt Calculators can help. Use our credit calculators to determine which lines of credit to use, or turn to our debt calculators for consolidation remedies. In addition, our credit calculators and debt calculators can help you gauge tax ramifications with regard to any loan amount.
mortgage calculators: - Use the mortgage calculators to take the guesswork out of home finance decisions. Before you shop for a new home, use the mortgage calculators to help you figure out what price home you can afford, what kind of loan you should get and more. The mortgage calculators can save you time and money in your home search.
mutual fund calculators:  - Navigating the world of mutual funds can be daunting. With so many to choose from, not to mention other investing options, you might need to gauge how much money to actually dedicate. The following mutual fund calculators can be a solid first step in getting on track with your finances. Calculating your rates of return is just the beginning. Our mutual fund calculators can help you move your money to the right place at the right time.
life insurance calculators: - How much life insurance do you need? What is your return on a whole life policy? The following life insurance calculators can help take the guesswork out of purchasing life insurance decisions. Use the life insurance calculators to decide between term and whole life, term and universal life and other important calculations.
paycheck calculators:  - When planning your month-to-month expenses, use this paycheck calculator to avoid overspending. The paycheck calculators can be a solid first step in getting on track with your finances. Whether you're on salary or hourly, using 401(k) or counting bonuses, the paycheck calculators can be an invaluable tool.  
retirement financial calculators:  - Planning for your retirement takes a considerable amount of prognostication and thought. The AOL Money and Finance Retirement Financial Calculators can help. Whether trying to gauge how much to save, where to save it and what your expenses will be, the following retirement financial calculators can help you stay on track for your golden years.
Roth IRA calculators: - If you're weighing your options with Roth IRAs, use these Roth IRA calculators to make an informed decision. The Roth IRA calculators can help you plan for tax implications, estate planning or when to begin with a Roth IRA.  
savings calculators:  - Use these savings calculators to put together a solid savings plan. The following savings calculators can help with calculating how long it will take to save for a car, for weighing inflation factors, how long it'll take to become a millionaire, and more.
stock calculators:  - When to buy, when to sell, when to stay put? Use these stock calculators to help you find out your yield from dividends, when your target rate of return can be hit and more.
BillShrink: – BillShrink is an independent service providing unbiased and personalized recommendations to save you money.  CellPhone Plans, Credit Cards, Gas Prices.
Turbotax:  - Get Your Refund Fast: Efile Your 2009 Taxes with TurboTax.  Here’s how efile works: Start your return and efile with TurboTax today. The moment the IRS starts accepting returns, scheduled for January 16, 2010, TurboTax will submit your efiled return. The IRS will confirm receipt by e-mail within 48 hours.

Shopping with credit cards: - you can be rewarded and save

Index Credit Cards:  - Frustrated by an industry that offered plenty of marketing but not nearly enough hard information, Adam Jusko founded Index Credit Cards in 2005, envisioning a Web site offering true credit card comparisons -- shining a light on the "fine print" to help consumers and small business owners make the best credit card choices for their needs. Over time, Index Credit Cards has expanded to provide even more consumer-focused information -- articles and tips for getting the most from your cards (and avoiding fee traps), credit card interest calculators, credit card news, a listing of over 1,200 currently-available credit cards, and more.
Fair Credit Card Terms: - The legal business name of this organization is U.S. Citizens for Fair Credit Card Terms, Inc. (CFCCT). They are a for-profit organization devoted to educating consumers about credit cards. While they are primarily focused on U.S. consumers, they also offer consumer information for U.K and Canadian consumers. They were founded on August 15, 1998 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Their web site,, began operating the same month. Arkansas is an ideal home, because credit cards issued by Arkansas banks have historically been viewed as being consumer friendly, particularly in regard to interest rates. They provide an independent source of consumer information and are not owned or governed by any banking or credit card interest.
Compare Hundreds of Credit Card Offers: - Their mission is to provide consumers with the largest variety of credit card offers online, and to enable smart selection and use of cards by offering news, advice, features and tools. is a leading online credit card marketplace, bringing consumers and card issuers together. Their site is a free online resource where consumers can compare hundreds of credit card offers by category, including low interest credit cards, credit cards with rewards programs, airline credit cards, cash back credit cards, small business credit cards, student credit cards, instant approval credit cards as well as prepaid debit cards. Over one million unique users access our website each month. They list credit card offers from leading credit card issuers and banks, each linked to a secure online application, including American Express, Chase, Citi, Capital One, Discover, First Premier Bank, Visa, MasterCard, etc. is also the web’s leading publisher of original consumer credit card related news. Our proprietary research, stories, tools and video are routinely picked up by leading news outlets such as the associated press and appear on major sites, such as Yahoo, AOL, MSNBC,,, and Google news.
3% cash back: – Get up to 3% cash back.

The Dollar Stretcher: -"The Dollar Stretcher" is for the many us who are interested in `Living Better...for Less'. In fact, over 200,000 readers receive these newsletters and another 150,000 people visit the website each week.   Their goal is to provide you with useful ways to make the most of your money and time. Practical ideas that you can put to use right away.   Lots of good money saving ideas here for you or for perhaps you know someone who:
 has lost a job
 is about to get married
 has recently had a baby
 just bought a new home
 is saving for their kids' college education
 has gotten divorced
 always seems short on cash
Learn About Money: - Almost anything you want to learn about money and how to use it wisely.
Direct Buy: - Many people swear by them, but before you consider responding to their Ads, do your own due diligence by looking at sites such as
Free Legal Advice:  
- Freeadvice offers a choice of over 36,000 state specific legal forms and documents that professionals use. Prepared by lawyers specifically to comply with the laws of your State, most forms are available at reasonable cost for downloading in Word® format, and your satisfaction will be guaranteed by the forms vendor, U.S. Legal Forms, Inc. If you order a form through this website, and for any reason you are not satisfied, simply return the form to the forms vendor within 24 hours from the time you download the form and USL will make a full refund of the purchase price. No Hassles!!! For previews and descriptions of the forms, They recommend viewing the list below. (Alternatively you may use the search box.).

If you do not want to do it yourself, yet don't want to hire a lawyer to do it for you, a legal document preparation service may be the solution. You'll be asked the right questions, you'll have someone to communicate with, and your documents will be reviewed by a legal assistant if not a lawyer. For the best legal document service.

Best Credit Card Offers: – links to choose best credit card offers.


- summarizes the optional standard mileage rates for employees, self-employed individuals, or other taxpayers to use in computing the deductible costs of operating an automobile for business, charitable, medical, or moving expense purposes.  This link may change from time to time, so you may need to go to and do a search for “mileage” to get current page.

Buy a HUD Home: - HUD sells properties that you might want to buy! Read how you can buy a HUD home.   A HUD home is a 1 to 4 unit residential property acquired by HUD as a result of a foreclosure action on an FHA-insured mortgage. HUD becomes the property owner and offers it for sale to recover the loss on the foreclosure claim.  If you have the cash or can qualify for a loan (subject to certain restrictions) you may buy a HUD Home. HUD Homes are initially offered to owner-occupant purchasers (people who are buying the home as their primary residence). Following the priority period for owner occupants, unsold properties are available to all buyers, including investors.  Then, check out the listings of HUD homes in your area. If you think you want to buy a HUD home, you need to contact a real estate sales professional in your area who is authorized to sell HUD homes (most are). Your sales professional will submit a bid for you.
Free Foreclosure Listings:   – Free foreclosure listings in your area.  Lots of free publications and resources to avoid foreclosure or pick up homes that were foreclosed.

Free FICO Scores: -  Get Your FREE FICO® Score and  Credit Report; 2 Free Equifax FICO® scores and credit reports; 90% of the largest U.S. banks use FICO® scores*; Email alerts when your FICO® score changes
OPT outs: - Top ten opt outs, if you no longer want to be bothered by calls, spam, and other time wasting solicitors:
1. National Do Not Call Registry
2. Prescreened offers of credit and insurance URL:  
3. DMA opt outs
4. Financial institution opt outs
6. Credit freeze
8. Data broker opt outs URL:
9. Internet portal opt outs
10. NAI opt out

Paradies Shops:- The Paradies Shops operates more than 500 stores in ove: r 70 airports and hotels across the United States and Canada, serving more than a half-billion customers each year. These stores include original, one-of-a-kind brands unique to individual airports, as well as national brands.  Buy a book and sell it back to the shop at 50%

Answers to Your National Banking Questions: - helps you find answers to your National Banking questions. Use the shortcut keywords to visit the category that interests you, or use the search window located at the top right corner of every page.

Dividend Reinvestment Plans:

- To locate stocks that have drip (direct-purchase-plans) that save you money when reinvesting dividends.  Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs) and Direct Purchase Plans (DPPs) allow you to buy stock without a broker from nearly a thousand participating companies. For DRIPs, you need to already own at least one share of the stock, so you must use a broker to buy the initial share(s). For DPPs (also known as no-load stocks), you don't need a broker at all. In general, if a company offers DPPs, then they also offer DRIPs, but the reverse is not necessarily true. These programs are worth looking into for very small portfolios, but keep in mind that online trading commissions continue to drop at the deep discount brokerages.
Elder Law Attorneys: - The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Inc. is a non-profit association that assists lawyers, bar organizations and others who work with older clients and their families. Established in 1987, the Academy provides a resource of information, education, networking and assistance to those who deal with the many specialized issues involved with legal services to seniors and people with special needs.  The mission of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys is to establish NAELA members as the premier providers of legal advocacy, guidance and services to enhance the lives of people with special needs and people as they age.
Commissioners Who Regulate Essential Utility Services: - NARUC is an association representing the State public service commissioners who regulate essential utility services, such as electricity, gas, telecommunications, water, and transportation, throughout the country. As regulators, our members are charged with protecting the public and ensuring that rates charged by regulated utilities are fair, just, and reasonable.  State regulators play an important role in preparing customers for the winter heating season. While utility bills will increase, there are several things consumers can do to take control of their energy usage.   State regulators play an important role in preparing customers for the winter heating season. While utility bills will increase, there are several things consumers can do to take control of their energy usage.  Nearly all State commissions have information on their Websites offering tips for weatherizing homes along with details about the different pricing and billing programs that are available. Some of these programs let consumers pay a flat rate for their power and gas services throughout the year, so that ratepayers are not hit with a massive, unexpected increase in the winter months.  Additionally, many States actively engage consumers in public outreach events. From public sessions at commission headquarters to various events around their State, commissioners are always searching for the best ways to educate the public.
Answers to Consumers' Debt Questions:  – Ask Doctor Debt was created by the ACA International Education Foundation to provide free and unbiased answers to consumers' debt questions. You can always be assured that no personal information is ever collected on this site and that users' privacy will never be compromised. The ACA International Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization. Its primary mission is to serve consumers who are challenged by debt by improving their financial literacy and providing them with tools and resources. The Foundation was created by the members of ACA International, The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, and is an extension of the desire ACA International members have to treat each consumer with dignity and respect, along with offering solutions that benefit both the consumer and the creditor who is owed money on a past-due bill.
Lost Golf Balls: - They retrieve golf balls from the lakes and water hazards of over 2000 resorts, private facilities and top daily fee courses in 32 states. The balls are shipped to one location where they are cleaned with soap and water and sorted by hand into various brands, models, conditions and offerings.  As the largest company in the industry, they have the ability to provide consumers with the highest quality products and services available. What does that mean to you? It translates into unlimited inventory, same day shipping, highest quality condition balls available anywhere, lowest pricing available and AWESOME service second to none.
PayItGreen:  - PayItGreen's mission is to reduce paper's impact on the environment by promoting electronic billing, statements, and payments. Learn how you can help and gain.

Useful Downloads for Financial Planning: - Many useful downloads for financial planning.  As the official publication of the Financial Planning Association®, the Journal of Financial Planning aims to expand the body of knowledge in the financial planning profession. With monthly feature articles, interviews, columns and peer-reviewed technical contributions, the Journal's content is dynamic, innovative, thought-provoking and directly beneficial to financial planners in their work.  But very useful to anyone wanting to learn about financial planning.