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Freeflys: - some effort required, but there are free things to be had

Clubfreebie:  - Lots of free stuff when you register, but be careful not to get sucked into some of their recommendations to buy.  NET: don’t buy anything you don’t NEED. I f you love freebies, join the club! They post new pages of fresh freebies a couple of times a week. Each of these pages is packed with amazing freestuff, so if you like the idea of getting something for nothing...join TODAY!  BUT BEWARE that you will need to do surveys amd they will tempt you into subscribing to other offerings.  Some of these are traps that could cost you.  Nonetheless you can get freebies.
Thefreesite:  - Browse through our extensive list of free Business, Computer, Engineering and Trade magazines, publications and newsletters to find the titles that best match your skills; topics include management, marketing, operations, sales, and technology. Simply complete the application form and submit it. All are absolutely free to professionals who qualify. Over 300 trade magazine subscription offers that are "free to professionals who qualify."
Proctor and Gamble’s Samples: - This is a links page to some of the most popular Procter & Gamble Web sites.  For information about PG Brands and Company, please visit
Print Coupons:  - Complete survey and print your coupons.

Babytalk Magazine: - Yes! Get a FREE subscription to Babytalk magazine! Babytalk has all the information expectant and new parents want and need from health and safety issues to the latest and greatest products for baby. And it's yours FREE! (You will never receive a bill.) Plus links to many FREE baby items.
Sun Crystals:  - Use the "free sample" link and fill out the form to request a sample of Sun Crystals, a natural sweetener made with raw cane sugar.
Pregnancy Week-by-Week Newsletter: - Subscribe to their FREE Pregnancy Week-by-Week Newsletter and hey will send you a free Mommy To Be Wristband. As a subscriber you will receive:
 Weekly Pregnancy Development Emails
 Free Offers, Coupons and  Special Deals sent via email
 Your Free Mommy To Be Wristband
This bracelet can alert emergency personnel to your pregnancy status if you are not able to communicate after an accident.

I Love Free Things: - Free Things, Samples and Magazines.  Free Samples from various businesses, other free stuff and gifts.

TravelGuidesFree: - offers valuable services to both travelers and travel destinations. This site caters specifically to travelers and travel destinations, by helping distribute 1st Party Travel Information to perspective and interested travelers.  A division of Travel Marketing Group, is dedicated to promoting the Travel Industry. No matter if you are a traveler, a travel destination marketer or an advertiser wishing to reach travelers, and the Travel Marketing Group cater to all areas of the Travel Industry.
Christina Aguilera Inspire Perfume:- Request a free sample of Christina Aguilera Inspire perfume.

Dove Hair:  - Try a FREE of Dove hair care products.

Trojan Condoms:  - Download FREE coupons for savings.

Salvation Packages: - FREE Salvation packages that includes sermon audio tapes and Christian literature.

Free Health Product Samples: - Simply fill out their online health awareness survey and then request free health product samples and other special.
FREE Catholic Booklets:  - Get a Featured Booklet of the Month.  And one more from the monthly list FREE Catholic Booklets. 

Wal-Mart:  - Request your choice of a variety of free household product samples and tools from Wal-Mart.

-  Request a free sample of coffee from Several coffee varieties are available, including "Coffee Mocha" and "Coffee with Ginseng."
Clorox, Woolite, Snuggle and Wisk: - Clorox, Woolite, Snuggle and Wisk cleaners plus others favorite brands..
RemedyLife:  - RemedyLife is your online source for information on healthy living. You'll receive valuable offers, free samples, and the opportunity to participate in health surveys and polls.  You will also receive important email health alerts to keep you up to date on the latest news that affects your health and the health of your family.  This all comes at no cost to you! Enjoy the FREE benefits when you subscribe to REMEDY Magazine.  FREE membership.
Gift Cards: - gift cards, cool products and even cash too.

Free Search: - Free to join and 100% free to search for anyone, including yourself.
YouPet:  - Hey, they love our pets and they like meeting new people that own pets. They thought, "Let's share our love and interest that our adorable animals bring to us." That's why they decided to develop, so pet owners could have a safe and informative place to meet other pet lovers and have fun exchanging pictures, videos, blogs, and having discussions on our forums, or chat live in our chat rooms. is an online social network devoted to Pets and their Owners who regard their pets as family. Pets are an important part of our lives, and they want you to share the joy and love your pet brings to you with all of us.
- Get FREE books now! Top-notch reading from the series of your choice—and a free surprise gift! No risk, no obligation—now or ever!  And that's not all! You'll also enjoy these benefits:  Our latest books long before they're available in stores; Significant discounts on the cover price; And a FREE subscription to our exclusive monthly newsletters.  Electrifying romance and heart-stopping suspense that make for an exhilarating read.  Accepting your two free Intrigue books and mystery gifts places you under no obligation to buy anything. You may keep the books and gifts and return the shipping statement marked cancel. If you do not cancel, about a month later we'll send you four additional Intrigue books and bill you just $4.24 each in the U.S. or $4.99 in Canada, plus 50¢ shipping and handling and applicable taxes, if any. That's the complete price and — compared to the cover price of $4.99 in the U.S. and $5.99 in Canada — it's quite a bargain! You may cancel at any time, but if you choose to continue, every month we'll send you four more books, which you may either purchase at the discount price or return to us and cancel your subscription.  
People Searches:  - People Ferret is your one stop web site for free people searches, people finders, free public records access, free reverse lookup resources plus a bunch more!  Easily complete a people search or locate information on people, businesses, inmates and military personnel. They did the research so you save time "and" save money, you will never pay to access our free people locator resources! Constantly updated with the newest people finder web sites, search pages and reverse locator web sites.
Astroglide:  - Request a sample of Astroglide, a personal lubricant product.

Lacoste Essential:  - Request a free sample postcard of Lacoste Essential, a fragrance for men.
Holy Bible: - The Holy Bible testifies of Jesus Christ and has influenced and sustained millions of His followers. It is a collection of sacred writings containing God’s revelations and accounts of His dealings with His children.  Just fill out the form and they will deliver a free copy of the Holy Bible (limit of one Bible per household). It’s a gift from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Wild Flower Reference Guide: - Complete the form to request a free copy of the current year’s “Wild Flower Reference Guide”.

Free Ski Brochures and Vacation Planners:  - Order free ski brochures and vacation planners from dozens of major ski resorts in the U.S. Also available for ski resorts in Austria, Argentina, Canada, France, Italy and Switzerland.
Free Sample Pack of Cigarettes:  -  Request a free sample pack of cigarettes from, sellers of low-cost cigarettes from Seneca Indian territory.
Free Pizza Coupons: - Free Pizza Coupons and Gift Certificates for Pizza Hut, Dominos, and more.  Get coupons and vouchers for free pizza and pizza discounts at major pizza chains (Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa Johns, Little Caesars, Jet's Pizza, California Pizza Kitchen - CPK) and your favorite local restaurants. Why pay full price? Take advantage of promotions and coupons and save on your next pizza.   At this site, you can earn free pizza gift certificates by accumulating "points," which you earn by signing up for various free offers at the site. Certificates are available here from Pizza Hut, Domino's Pizza and Papa John's Pizza.

Texas State Travel Guide: - For a FREE packet containing the Texas State Travel Guide 264-page, Texas Accommodations Guide, and Texas Official Travel Map, call 800-8888-TEX (839) in the US and Canada, or to order online, click on the Order Form button below, select the country you are coming from, and fill out our quick and easy order form. For travel assistance, call 800-452-9292.  You'll also receive a state highway map and an accommodations guide.
Free Condoms:  - Listed are some links to get free samples sent to you in the mail from company's like Wal Mart, Costco, and Dove. In order to get your free samples all you have to do is click the links to the websites and fill out the mail form on the company's website (you should make a junk E-Mail address for doing this because you will get a lot of E-Mail. Don't just make one up because you might have to confirm some of the samples) You can get a free E-Mail address from G-Mail, Yahoo-Mail, Hotmail, AOL... Most Samples come with some really good coupons.

Free Catalogs: - A good selection of free catalogs. Categories include automotive, business, computers, health and  beauty, home and  living, office products, sports, travel, and more.  Featured Catalogs: Movado, Dell, Glockstore, West Elm, Sephora, Nautilus, Youreeeka, Nordstrom, Land's End, L.L. Bean, InstantCPR, Glockstore, & more.
Business Card Samples:  - Request a free sample business cards.

Samples: -  A number to choose from.
Natural Laxative:  - Free Sample of this "safe and gentle" natural laxative product. Find out for yourself how this natural laxative is in relieving constipation. Try it FREE WITH NO OBLIGATION!

Wealth of Freebie Offers:  -  A wealth of freebie offers. Free samples, contests, free catalogs, gift certificates, free magazines, freeware, opportunities for earning cash and much more.  

Copy of "Secrets of Peace": - Request your free copy of "Secrets of Peace," a 31-page booklet that will "take you on a treasure hunt through God's Work." From Light Bearers Ministry.  This publication has ushered millions of readers into an understanding of the basic secrets of a truly meaningful and peace-filled life.  Translated into over 100 languages and in continuous print for almost 100 years, this timeless classic could very well be one of the most important publications you will ever read.  Secrets of Peace will take you on a treasure  hunt through God's Word, uncovering priceless gems of hope and encouragement.  Its 31 pages are filled with beautiful scenes from nature and precious promises from the Bible.  And best of all, it is FREE !
Free Packet of Coromega Omega-3: - Request a free packet of Coromega Omega-3, a fish oil dietary supplement. Request your tasty, free sample of Coromega today!  Enter your information and They will mail you your free sample.
Free Medicine Program: - Their mission at the Free Medicine Program is helping patients in obtaining prescription drugs and medications absolutely Free of charge.  Established by volunteers, Free Medicine Program has helped countless families across the nation substantially reduce or completely eliminate their prescription drug bills.  Perhaps like you, the majority of our applicants have too much income to quality for government prescription assistance programs, but not enough to purchase private prescription drug insurance coverage, or are living on retirement income, disability or other assistance.  None of this should disqualify you from obtaining the assistance you need to purchase your medicines, and at the Free Medicine Program, it doesn’t!

Free Travel Book: - No matter how many times you've travelled before, each trip is a new experience and you're likely to have many questions. Whether it's international travel tips, travel safety tips or travel packing tips you're looking for, the time to get your answers is before you depart on your journey. Vantage understands that it can be challenging to find all the information you need in one place, so they have compiled a booklet containing everything you'll need to know.  Complete the form for you 151 Travel Tips booklet filled with international travel tips. The best part is, it's absolutely FREE! The handy booklet is also packed with travel safety tips, practical information about health and security concerns, tipping and other money matters, and much, much more. And if you're not sure what clothing and travel accessories to bring on your trip with you, you'll even find a section on travel packing tips.
Serenity Pads Sample: -Complete the short survey to request a free sample of Serenity Pads.  Click on item of your choice.

Free Christian Book: - Free copy of "Warning: Revelation is About to be Fulfilled," a 180-page book by Larry Wilson that "reveals the outcome of prophecies in the Bible."

Free Circus Tickets: - Every child born in the U.S. in the past 12 months is entitled to receive his or her first ticket to Ringling Bros. and Barnum and  Bailey for free. These tickets carry no expiration date and may be redeemed at any time during the lifetime of the child. To request the ticket, just complete the form.
Glu-Lam-Log Sample:  - Fill out the form to get a sample from Glu-Lam-Log, sellers of laminated logs and other wood products.
Free Health Brand Samples :  
– Fill out the form and they will get back to you.
Many Different Samples: - Them seem real enough --- just don’t get sucked into any surveys or endless questions they might ask of you.
More Samples from FreeMania: - Free stuff, product samples, printable grocery coupons, and money saving tips. Free Mania offers you many totally free stuff samples online. You'll find travel freebies, free t-shirts, make up samples, beauty products, free cash, contests, daily freebies, grocery savings, and more.
And Still More: - Every Sunday is Super Freebie Sunday!  They save all the best freebies from the week and e-mail them to anyone who wants them. To get them just enter you e-mail address into the box they supply.

Wedding and Magazine Catalogs: - Free Wedding and Magazine Catalogs.  Invitations, accessories, and more. Request free catalogs and samples.

Free Catalogs:  - Free Catalogs.  Popular Brand Stores on CatalogLink. Request Free Catalogs Online.  What is CatalogLink? is the premier catalog directory on the Internet. Started in 1997 with only a few dozen catalogs, but has grown to become Earth's Biggest Catalog DirectoryTM! Catalogs are always being updated and new catalogs are constantly being added. Whether you're looking to search, browse, or request catalogs for free, is the catalog directory for you. Search 19,000+ catalogs by name.
Free Monthly T-shirt: - Get the latest news, lessons, drum tips and updates on new Music Gifts and Drum Accessories when signing up for their free E-mail newsletter at this site to be eligible for a free monthly T-shirt drawing from Drum Bum, a drum merchandise retailer. This site also offers lots of other free drum-related goodies, including free online drum lessons.